China Is the Big Winner in the Conflict Between Russia and the West

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Lucy day

I am so lucky! got the iphone 6 in annual dinner!

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Job interview today.

This morning the interview for me was finished, it tool one hour from am 9:30 to am 10:30.

I felt the process was not good, I did not well understand their question, and some answers were not satisfied the interview panel that consisted of PM and directors.

The reason was my poor English-speaking and I did not prepared for the interview as well as possible.

In the past several years, although almost at the beginning of every new year I made-up my mind to study English – reading, writing, and practice my speaking, but never persist long enough to use English skillful.

After the interview, I am unhappy with my behavior,I felt a little sad, not for maybe fail to the position, but for my imagine what the interview panel saw. It will be a negative factor for my career in the company.

I have a lesson in the interview: pay attention on items what benefit your career.

For me, the top 3 priorities are: English, English! English!!

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Preparing for a interview.

In the past several weeks, I prepared for the interview for the manager position.

I have less experiences with interview, and never applied manager position before.

Before I joined B company, I was promoted to duty manager of QA department from assistant engineer step by step-by-step.

But the first round interview in Chinese was ok for me, what makes me nervous is maybe another interview panel – several US directors or managers.

My oral English is not good enough to handle such complicate conversation. It’s difficult to deliver my experience, achievements, ideas, plans… etc.

I should use every minutes to read, write, hear somethings to make my sense of English.

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This is how Apple wants you to design Apple Watch apps

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I must change my habits.

In the past several years, I wasted much  times on social networking, it has negative impact to my live.

I plan to change the reading habit on English social networking to improve my writing skills.

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Left keen hurted days ago

Last Friday, I visited a charger factory in Chang An, Dongguan. During I got off the car, the keen was hurted.

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Supplier forgot the NOM label for MX SKU.

This afternoon, third-party inspector called me, he said the supplier forgot to paste the NOM label on gift box.

I had visited the supplier last Friday to check if everything’s for the MX SKU were ready, after went through key changes with contact Window of the supplier, everything looked OK.

But what’s the root cause? Miss Wong said sales did not forward the email to her, I do not believe her words.

I had to dive in the case tomorrow, to figure out the root cause and what can I do in future to ensure such kind of stupid things happen again.

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Root cause investigating for blade rusting.

The blender sample sent to our lab was found rusted points on blade weeks ago, but still not a reasonable analysis report to figure out a whole picture.

Factory claim the blades of sample missed the final step – “passivating treatment”

We checked the purchase order and IQC records yesterday, and belived the blades for MP went through the process.

The factory will submit CPAR today, and the salt water spray test will be completed this afternoon, the summary for the case will be delivered to management team for decision making.

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Mexico label

The outdoor and indoor speaker for Mexico will be produced in factory.

I have checked the production schedule with the factory yesterday, the detail is still not fixed.

In order to ensure everything right, I need to double check all details for the SKU and MX label requirements again.

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